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Force 10 Brakes

2# Residual Pressure Valve for Disc/Disc Brake Applications

2# Residual Pressure Valve for Disc/Disc Brake Applications

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 2 # psi Residual Pressure Valve for Disc/Drum Brake Applications

  • Retains minimal fluid pressure by preventing brake line drain back in applications where the master cylinder is located below the calipers (under floor)
  • Helps eliminate excessive travel and that dreadful spongy pedal feel
  • Designed for Disc / Drum brake applications
  • Works with 3/16 in. brake lines
  • For use with 3/8 in.-24 Inverted Flare male fittings
  • Billet Aluminum
  • Blue Anodized Finish, 2# (2)

This  part is used for the Front and rear Disc brakes to prevent fluid from flowing back without causing the brakes to drag.

A Residual Valve is a special type of one-way check valve. They are used to keep a small amount of pressure in the brake lines. This helps the brakes engage more quickly and reduces pedal travel.

There are 2 basic types of residual valves, 10-psi and 2-psi.

In the aftermarket, 10-psi valves are usually red. 2-psi valves are usually blue. However, other colors are available. The valves should be located on or near the master cylinder