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Force 10 Brakes

Adjustable Proportioning Valve / Distribution Block, Disc or Drum Brake

Adjustable Proportioning Valve / Distribution Block, Disc or Drum Brake

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Adjustable Proportioning Valve Distribution Block, ( Universal fit , "Prop Block")

Disc/disc  disc/ Drum Brake Street Rod ( BLACK )

This adjustable proportioning block allows you to run lines from the master cylinder to the block and then to the appropriate wheels. 

What is neat about it is that it also contains the proportioning valve and brake light switch. 

This dramatically reduces the amount of fittings needed and potential leaks.

The adjustable proportioning valve regulates rear brake pressure, helping to maintain correct brake bias between front and rear brakes. 

It is designed for dual bowl master cylinders. 

The distribution block connects to the master cylinder and distributes brake fluid to all four wheels. An easy to turn handle with directional arrows makes it simple to either increase or decrease rear brake pressure.

The block accepts 3/16" brake lines and the inlets and outlets on this unit are 3/8"-24 inverted flare females. 

It has two inlets from the master cylinder, two outlets to the front brakes and one outlet to the rear brakes. I

t includes five  3/16" fittings and wiring pigtail for rear brake light switch. 

Mounts to any convenient location. 

This is not a direct factory replacement for original blocks.    Some line modifications may be necessary.