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Force 10 Brakes

Custom SS Brake Line Adapters, 1/4 tube, Inv cut to length 51- 60"

Custom SS Brake Line Adapters, 1/4 tube, Inv cut to length 51- 60"

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Experience the ultimate performance and precision with our Custom SS Brake Line Adapters! These adapters, designed with 1/4 inch tube for a perfect fit, are expertly cut to lengths of 51-60 inches and come with nuts for easy installation. Elevate your braking system with our top-of-the-line stainless steel adapters and feel the difference in every turn. You won't find anything else like it on the market!  ( GM Ford Mopar)
                                             fitting     (1)           (2)
line adapter combination fittings  3/8-24"     9/16-18"  for 3/16" lines

1/4" lines are all bendable stainless cut to length
Please send message on line lengths to confirm. and fitting sizes 
( 9/16-20 not available) 

line lengths will vary "+" or "-" 1/8"   sold in 1" increments

double annealed tubing 
bendable by hand
non returnable, so please check length

other combinations listed below
                                              fitting     (1)           (2)
line adapter combination fittings  3/8-24     9/16-18
                                                          3/8-24     1/2-20
                                                          3/8-24     7/16-24
                                                          7/16-24   7/16-24
                                                          1/2-20     7/16-24 
                                                          9/16-18   7/16-24
                                                          1/2-20     9/16-18
                                                          9/16-18  9/16-18

value priced,  fittings alone are worth the price !

shipping qtys are discounted see below
lines over 12 inches will be coiled

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