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Force 10 Brakes

12 x 1.0 Metric Stainless Unions, bubble flare, 3/16" Line

12 x 1.0 Metric Stainless Unions, bubble flare, 3/16" Line

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12mm x 1.0  bubble flair Stainless Steel unions

Repair your vehicle using the highest-quality parts with these Brake Line Unions 3/16" brake line (12 x1.0 bubble) in Stainless Steel 

Made with first-rate materials, these brake line unions are suitable for lines made from steel, copper-nickel, copper-coated steel, PVF coating,

Crafted from 300 series stainless steel, these brake line unions are unmatched in their corrosion resistance.  Meaning you will never have to replace a single union due to a short life span. The stainless steel material also makes these unions extremely strong. This added strength gives the unions a high level of durability that is not found in other unions and makes for a more secure connection between brake lines.

  • when using stainless line fittings with these unions, it is recommended that anti seize compound be used on the threads.        This will prevent galling  and allow the re-use of the fittings