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Force 10 Brakes

Brake Booster Vacuum Pump Deluxe Kit assembled "Plug & Play" 18-25 inches

Brake Booster Vacuum Pump Deluxe Kit assembled "Plug & Play" 18-25 inches

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12V Brake Booster Vacuum Pump Deluxe Kit assembled 

"Plug & Play"
If you have an engine that does not produce at least 15" of vacuum at idle , then your brake pedal could be hard and you have no brakes... This pump will solve your hard pedal problem.
2 year warranty
  • increases idle vacuum up to 25"
  • pedal booster comes up and improves stopping power
  • new compact design for easier installation
  • improves all other vacuum accessories that run on vacuum, heater and A/C controls
  • No special instructions required
  • Professional installation not required

Features / benefits:

100 % Brand New

12 Volt
Hooks directly to your vacuum line with inline tee for best performance 
Great on street rods with radical camshafts
All wiring pre assembled for easy installation
Self adjusting inline vacuum switch, cycles the pump on & off

highly efficiency electric pumpReduced vibration
All necessary mounting hardware included

6' of vacuum hose and spring clamps 

Quick connect Power wire with inline fuse

NOTE:   This easy to install pump does not require any special wiring and can be done without a mechanic!