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Force 10 Brakes

Brake Booster Vacuum Pump -Ultra quiet Rotary Vacuum pump 12 V "Plug and Play"

Brake Booster Vacuum Pump -Ultra quiet Rotary Vacuum pump 12 V "Plug and Play"

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   NEW Rotary Vane vacuum pump for Brake Boosters Experience a smooth and efficient braking system with our state-of-the-art Rotary Vane vacuum pump. Our pump is specifically designed for Brake Boosters, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Say goodbye to noisy and unreliable vacuum pumps, and give your vehicle the boost it needs with our ultra-quiet and dependable solution.

      Delivers up to 30" of vacuum in seconds

  • 2 year warranty!  
  • 100% performance tested 
  • This vacuum pump used in the compact design is a Rotary Vane style pump which is 60% quieter than the noisy "Piston Style" pumps on the market today.  
  • This vacuum pump is also 30% more efficient giving you the required vacuum in less time which extends the life of the pump & makes your ride much more enjoyable. 
  • Each vacuum brake booster pump is pre-wired and tested on the assembly line to ensure a trouble-free and easy installation.  
  • Installation is a breeze with a 2-wire power hookup and base-plate mounting template."Plug and Play"Ideal for vehicles with low vacuum such as supercharged, turbocharged or big cam engines 
  • Can be mounted under the hood or inside the car Efficient, quiet & vibration-free Rotary Vane style pump with is 60% quieter 30% more efficient Pre-wired and tested 2-wire power hookup and 
  • mounting template for an easy
  • Comes with 6 feet of vacuum hose and clamps
  • installation Applications:Universal
  • Dimensions:  6.5" max height, 5" max depth, 5" max width 

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